​Another aspect to take into consideration aside from the physical is that of the mental strength that is built. Martial arts practitioners are placed in difficult and stressful situations periodically throughout their training and yet are still expected to perform and think rationally.

Sparring sessions combine boxing combonations with self defense concepts, movements, and techniques into a high-intensity, relistic training segment that mimics real life altercations.  Students also work drill to work on their timing accuracy and focus  to hone their skills in thier self defence techniques

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Our Martial Arts Program is designed to teach you to have the Confidence and Strength to Defend your self and your loved ones. Students work on strength, stamina, balance and coordination, along with striking and blocking techniques.   Its our belief that with the right amount of knowledge and the high level of fitness comes Confidence, Strength, and the upper-hand in any Self Defense situation.   

Head Instructor Marc Shay has taken the Best and Most Practical Components of the Striking, Grappling, Locking and Pressure Point Arts to give his students a way to tailor their training to best suit there needs to have the confidence to defend themselves in any situation. Self defense scenarios teach concepts and the application of technique in real life situations. Sparring sessions combine self defense concepts, movements, and techniques into a high-intensity, realistic training segment that mimics real life altercations.

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