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School Break is almost over, and it’s time for kids to go back to school. Back to school time is not only rough on the students, but it also affects the parents too. From helping with last minute homework assignments to fears of bullying; there are numerous struggles that a student can go through each new year. These also include peer pressure, challenging classes and instructions, time management skills and a lot more. Thankfully, there is a class that a child can attend to put their minds as well as the mind of their parents at ease and help them cope well in school to become successful young adults. What miracle class is this you may be wondering? Well, it is none other than martial arts. There are various aspects it can help your child with and these include:


The goal of a majority of martial arts classes is to help the students become the best versions of themselves. It works on general health, physical fitness, mental discipline, and better focus. When a child is self-confident, you will never have to worry about peer pressure, because they can make better decisions about their lives without feeling the need to ‘fit in.’



Martial arts teaches the skill with a stern warning that individuals should not go starting fights unless they are in real danger. With the right skills, trust that your son or daughter will never be a victim of a bully ever again. On the flip side, the classes are also ideal for the students who have bullying tendencies. A child who is always making trouble and has aggressive behaviors may turn out to be a peace maker after a few classes. Trainers deal with such kids by teaching them respect and inclusion to get rid of the vice.


Children and parents get disappointed with bad performance in the class all the time. Studies show that exercises like martial arts can impact positively adolescents and children academic performances. Research also reveals that muscular strength, cardiorespiratory capacity, and motor ability play a huge role when it comes to students benefitting from a better academic performance. Martial arts features both motor tasks and aerobic exercises which are perfect for the young ones as they seek to reach their academic potential.


After several martial arts classes, parents may notice that their youngsters communicate differently. They begin to respond with things like ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘yes sir,’ emulate confident postures and looking friends and strangers in the eyes when conversing. As confidence continues to improve, kids also begin to stand up straighter and stand up for themselves.



Most of the time a child will give in to bad habits because they cannot focus properly on school work. Good martial arts classes will help to reverse this because they assist in increasing focus among students something that helps them to concentrate better whether it is out in the fields or the classrooms. Experts also say that the classes can help students learn how to control negative emotions like anger, fear, and doubt which often carries over to day to day life. Martial arts learners normally have lower anxiety levels, a decrease in willingness to participate in foolish risks, higher self-esteem, increased sense of responsibility, and higher levels of social intelligence.


Athleticism Is your child always looking for excuses not to join gym class or any other extra-curricular activities that involve moving around and sports, martial arts may be the answer. It helps kids to stay active ensuring that they are healthy and fit as it also increases cardiovascular performances and builds muscles. Movements involved in the classes also contribute to challenging and building motor skills, dexterity and reflexes, and flexibility which work towards developing a child’s athleticism. It creates an excellent athletic base which helps the students to excel and have fun in all other physical activities. Noteworthy it can be a physical activity for the children who do not participate in team sports. Unlike school sports, martial arts classes are available all year long.


Martial arts helps students to acquire a life skill that can shape their present and future. They learn discipline which is essential if a person wants to get things done right. Note that everyone participates during the classes, and the kids who do not get the moves right the very first time do not get rebuked. The instructors emphasize that learners should do the best they can. It takes discipline to learn the moves from the classes and move from one step to another. It is something that the students apply in their day to day life, both in school and at home because the art builds character and self-control in children. Some classes develop self-discipline further by having kids hand in report cards and handing out chore charts to ascertain that the students help around the house, perform well in class, act with integrity, and show respect not only to their parents/elders but to peers and people who are younger than them as well.


While martial arts teach the students the importance of teamwork, some activities require the practitioners to be independent and self-reliant. Hard work and commitment from an individual is what sees them learn new techniques, progress to the next level, and even win competitions. The sport also helps children to become goal oriented. Elite level athletes, successful business people, and high achievers all have one thing in common, and it is that they set goals. Setting goals are crucial as it gives people motivation and direction helping them to focus and organize resources in the best possible way to achieve the goals. Martial arts instill the principle in children where they can set goals for themselves. It is something that will help in all aspects of their life whether it is in school, sports, or work.

Parents need to understand that there is a lot more to martial arts than just punches, kicks, and shouting of commands. It teaches your beloved child how to deal with failure, stress, adversity, and setbacks. The classes are instrumental when it comes to aiding kids to develop talents and build valuable life skills in a whole new way. The personality of a child develops when they are still young, and it lasts a lifetime.