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Code of Conduct

Student & Parent Responsibilities  

 The American Karate Studios programs are  specifically designed to help facilitate goals parents set for their children. Attaining these goals will require time and effort on the parents' part to help their children attain new heights in confidence and self-motivation. 

Student Responsibilities 

It is the student’s responsibility to practice the formalities listed in the Formalities section (see page  When students arrive at the school they should place their shoes and socks in the shoe rack and put their equipment bag on the bag racks inside of the training room.  It is the responsibility of the student to arrive 5 -10 minutes before class (to use the restroom, log in, store equipment, etc.). Students who arrive late should follow the procedure outlined in the Late Students section under Formalities on page. 

Students should always wear a clean uniform for class. Please read the section on Uniforms under Formalities on page 12 for what is appropriate dress for class.  

Students are not allowed to practice on the floor while waiting for a class to finish even if the class is not using the space. The classes can be very dynamic and may use all the space at any moment. Only through express permission may a student practice on the workout floor.  

Like many sports, there is equipment required to participate in activities. Students are required to acquire the equipment outlined in the Safety section  Students must bring all equipment to every class.    

Students are responsible for all personal items and training gear. We strongly recommend that you write your name on all your gear. American Karate is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.  

All youth students must have a notebook to track progress. These notebooks are necessary for studying for exams, reviewing old material and to serve as a reference. Students should write down the material covered such as self-defense techniques, drills, forms, and specific punches and kicks. A complete notebook should also contain the calendar, student handbook, self-discipline sheets, seminar notes, and personal items such as postcards or pictures. 

Students must bring this notebook to every class in case the instructor gives handouts or asks the students to take notes. Like all your equipment, this notebook is a requirement and must be maintained. 

Please take home all your equipment with you after your class. Parent Responsibilities  

Please read through the entire student handbook, as there are far too many details to cover during a single student orientation. It is our goal to avoid surprises and to have the student fully prepared to succeed at American Karate Studios. If you have any questions about the material found in the book, please make an appointment with an instructor or staff member to discuss.  

It is highly recommended that parents come to the last 15 minutes of every class that their children attend. This is the time we use to set new goals for the students, announce upcoming events, and give out lessons for the week.    

The more students participate in special activities, the more they become connected to other students in the program. 

Parents generally have little control over the friends their children choose at public schools; however, families at American karate share many of the same values, expectations, and goals. Friendships founded on shared passion and achievements are key building blocks for success. Please encourage your children to participate in special events whenever possible.    

As in all things, people can lose their motivation toward a goal. How many times have we grown discouraged from continuing a diet or an exercise routine? This is also true with children, and this is where one of the parent's most important responsibilities comes in: to motivate, encourage, and ensure that the student does not give up on their commitment. Giving up would promote and encourage failing to keep commitments in other aspects of their lives.    

It is imperative that if parents or students have any concerns regarding activities at the school that they immediately contact staff to discuss the issue. There is an old saying,” You can complain about a bad haircut to everyone in the world; however, the only one who can fix it is the barber.” The same is true with our school. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or issues you have. It’s how we get better at what we do!     

Please help keep the school clean and help pick up the Kid Corner before leaving if your child has used it. The seating area just inside the workout room to the left of the door is reserved for people who wish to closely watch and listen to the class. 

No talking or running around is allowed in this area. However, the seating area in the front of the pro-shop is designed to accommodate people chatting quietly and small children quietly playing. Please be mindful that your conversations are held at a reasonable volume and not a hindrance to the class.    

It is inappropriate, distracting and dangerous to students if siblings run onto the workout floor. Please keep them off the training mats at all times.    Before leaving the school, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has all the child’s personal belongings and training equipment. In addition, the parent must make sure that any areas used by the child, including the bathroom and Kids Corner are clean and neat.    

A functional notebook is extremely important (as well as required)! Younger children may need the assistance of an adult to maintain a well-organized notebook. Remember, their Black Belt test will be cumulative!    

It is not appropriate for parents to give children corrections or make comments from the viewing area. Our instructors use a wide variety of instructional techniques - please allow them to do their jobs. That said, if a parent has a concern about anything witnessed in a class, please feel free to bring it to our attention immediately.    

Please do not bring pets into the school. It is our goal to provide an environment that is as free of as many allergens as possible.