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Opening the School

Here is a list of things to begin the day with. Some of them are included on our List, and others are just important things to pay attention to. 

When we talk about keeping the school looking good, we call it 

White Glove Clean”…that’s our goal! 



__Unlock the front door.  

__Turn on the lights in the school. 

__Set up any ad/marketing materials outside (A-frame, flags, clipboards, lead boxes, etc.). 

__Video: if you have a TV or video playing in the window, use the remote to set it to “repeat”.  

__Heat/AC: Adjust thermostat if applicable.  

__Uniform: Put on your uniform or a school T-shirt.   



__Office and Waiting Area 

__Benches, Chairs, Cubbies & Fixtures: Begin by dusting & wiping down the seating, benches, cubbies and any other fixtures in the waiting area.  

__ Rest Rooms, clean and neat.  Make sure each Restroom has soap, paper towls and "Most Important Toliet Paper"

__Office Desk, Decorations, Signs & Frames: Dust the front desk (front and desktop), any signs, the frames on the wall. 

__Clutter-Free Desk: Clear papers, the appointment book, etc. from the front desk. If there is anything that doesn’t belong at the front desk - gis, papers, shoes, clothes or boxes – put them in the lost and found.