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Reopening Safety Measures and Class Procedures - Covid 19

Reopening Date: MONDAYJuly 13th 

Lisa and I have been working hard to get our facility ready for you, from repainting the main classroom, redoing the matts. to making sure each and every window opens to create better airflow.

But First, a few housekeeping matters.

In order to welcome you all back as safely as possible, there are some guidelines and procedures we need to have in place. We understand that these changes may be frustrating or challenging at times, but please keep in mind they are temporary changes necessary for the safety and well-being of your fellow classmates and staff.

While it is impossible to guarantee a completely COVID-19 free facility, we have stringent high standards (guidelines set by Chester County Health Department and state/local authorities) in place that are intended to reduce the risk of transmission. We ask that you please do your part to keep us all safe and stay home if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. If you don’t yet feel comfortable coming in for classes, that’s ok. We will be offering live streaming for most classes via Zoom.

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We Are Serious About Your Safety

  • Our top priority is the well being of our students. We are employing stringent cleaning and safety protocols to protect you, your child, and our staff.

  • All of our staff members have been tested negative for COVID-19 and will be tested regularly for everyone’s safety.

  • We’re using anti-microbial spray, Clorax Disinfecting Wipes, and hypochlorous acid (HOCI) solution which is 100% safe and non-irritant disinfectant between classes to clean all the surfaces and areas that our staff and students may have touched between each and every class.

  • Everyone entering and leaving the studio will require to use hand-sanitizers placed throughout the studio.

  • We are deep cleaning every night to ensure our studio is a safe environment for everyone.

  • All doors will be kept open and outside air will be circulated as much as possible.

  • Students will have their own designated training area and training equipment. All touched surfaces and equipment will be disinfected after each use and between the classes.

  • Students will be kept 6 ft. apart at all times, and there will be no contact between bodies, including with the instructor, during the class.

  • All IN-PERSON classes will be streamed live via Zoom so you may monitor what we are doing in class.

  • Be in your uniform, wear a face covering, and bring a water bottle filled with water.

  • No changing into uniforms at the studio. All students are required to enter the studio in their uniforms.

  • A mask will be provided for each student upon their first attendance.

  • Please be sure to put a face covering when the student enters the studio. We may ask students to temporarily remove the mask during the class. Students will put the mask on when they leave their training floor.

  • Only the student will be allowed to enter the studio. Please remain in the car or be ready to pick up your child at the end of each class. Our lobby will be closed and no one will be allowed to wait in the lobby.

  • The water fountain will be turned off and there will be no drinking water or beverages available in the studio. Please make sure the student has a water bottle filled with water.

Bring the Sparring Gear.


  • All students joining IN-PERSON classes will need to register online and will be assigned to a group. No walk-in will be allowed.

  • Each student will have his/her own 6’x6′ (approximated) training area, a pair of kicking targets, a shield, and a heavy bag to use exclusively for each class. Floors and used equipment will be disinfected between each class.

  • The class groups will stay together for one month, and only be able to change to another group during the first week of the month.

  • The attendance will be taken by our staff at the front desk.

  • Parents cannot wait inside the studio (some exceptions may apply).

  • Our main entrances will be one-way.

  • Students will be dismissed one-by-one after we confirm the parent’s presence.

Temperature Check Requirement upon Entry

  • The temperature of everyone entering the premises, including the staff, will be checked with a touchless thermostat. Anyone showing fever above 100.4° F will be asked to leave and may not return for 48 hours.

  • Please stay home and do not come to the studio if you have a fever, are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19, or recently had close contact with someone who has COVID-19. CDC recommends quarantining for 14 days in your home & avoid meeting with others

Choose IN-PERSON, ONLINE, or HYBRID program.

Our ONLINE program will continue to be provided alongside the IN-PERSON classes. You may choose to be exclusively online, onsite, or mix the two systems.

We still believe that IN-PERSON instruction is still the most effective way to learn martial arts. However, there are many advantages of remote learning. We’ll continue to develop our online learning platform so we can provide top quilty training materials combining the best of both worlds.


We Are Serious About Your SafetyThe best way to learn martial arts.

Attend twice or once a week.

40-minute classes.

No-contact curriculum.

Live broadcast.

Faster Promotion.


Live classes.

Safest option.

No registration required.

Take as many classes as you’d like.

30-minute classes.


The best of both worlds.

Registration required.

One ONLINE and one IN-PERSON classes.

Lessen the exposure.