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Finding the right sword to fit your style is ease with the wide variety of samurai and Chinese swords available on  American Karate Online Store. These swords are intended for practice, demonstration, and display purposes. Other features include engraved wooden scabbards, inscriptions, and designs on the blade, and handles adorned with colorful woven cords, including black, red, blue, and brown varieties. Among these items, the broadsword selection includes standard, nine ring, and flexible varieties as well as broadswords. Be advised that sharp swords are not be sold to minors, and all martial arts weapons should be used with expert care and under supervision.


This straight blade tai chi sword measures 39" overall with a 29 1/2" unsharpened spring-steel blade. The black lacquered wooden scabbard features decorative gold-matte lion head engravings and includes a nylon strap to help display the sword. The hand grip follows the scabbard's motif and is accented by two yellow tassels.


  • Absolulty no swords (sharpened, unsharpened even wood Bokkens) will not be sold to minors. All weapons are for demonstration or decorative purposes only. If used for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised.

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