Our tumbling program and Trix program offers a different approach artial Arts From the basics of tumbling to advanced flipping classes. The capstone of this program is our extreme martial arts class. Tumbling is a specialty program for any age or skill level. Call for more information about this exciting program.

Concentration is like a muscle that needs regular exercise to grow stronger. Our Tumbling & Trip Kick programprovides kids with strategies that help improve their ability to focus and maintain theiir attention. This ability to concentrate and sustain attention is crucially important. As students learn and improve, they will grow life skills such as self-confidence and positive self-esteem.


Our tumbling program offers a different approach to the martial arts. We are determined to provide every student, regardless of their ability, with quality tumbling & top notch tumbling instruction. We strongly believe in building character and life skills in an athletic setting.​


Tumbling encourages you to face your fears. It challenges your passion, love and desire to transform your ability to excel in learning of traditional routines for you to become a stronger and more confident tumble