1st Black Belt


Left flank right punch with opponent’s right leg forward

Destructive Fans

1. Left foot steps back toward 8:00 into a horse stance, as you deliver a right outward/left inward parry combination to the outside of the attacker’s right punch (right parry to the wrist and left parry to the elbow).  Your right hand continues its counterclockwise circle and as you settle into your horse stance and deliver a right hammer-fist, palm up, to the attacker’s solar plexus.  Your left hand remains at his right elbow as a bracing angle check.
2. Deliver a left front crossover toward 3:00, sweeping the attacker’s right leg as your left hand grabs the attacker’s right arm, pulling on the arm in coordination with the sweep.
3. From your right rear twist stance, pivot clockwise out of the twist stance as you deliver a right outward back knuckle strike to the attacker’s right kidney.  Without loss of motion, step back with your right foot toward 3:00 into a left forward bow buckling the back of the attacker’s right leg with your calf meeting his calf.
4. With the attacker falling toward the ground, deliver a right uppercut punch to his head simultaneous with a sweep.
5. With the attacker now sitting, deliver a right front thrusting ball kick to this chin or any available opening.
6. From the point of contact of your front kick, right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4:30.

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