1st Black Belt


Front right punch & rear left collar grab by two men

The Ram and the Eagle

1. Right foot back into a neutral bow to the inside of the rear attacker’s left knee as you deliver a right reverse raking knuckle strike to the bridge of the rear attacker’s nose and a left inward block to the outside of the first attacker’s right punch.
2. Immediately step through with your right foot toward 10:00 as you deliver a right inward knuckle rake to the attacker’s right cheek bone or temple.
3. Without hesitation pivot counter clockwise and strike the attacker’s ribs with a left horizontal outward back knuckle strike to the attacker’s ribs and in the same motion, have your right hand deliver a right inward heel palm bracing check against the attacker’s right arm.
4. After delivering the right check to the attacker’s arm loop your left up with a left outward check.
5. Deliver a right front kick, simultaneous with a right block toward 6:00 to the second the attacker.
6. Immediately deliver a right outward hand sword to the right side of the attacker’s neck.
7. Pivot into a right forward bow as you deliver a left five-finger thrust (palm down) to the attacker’s eyes (your right hand cocks at your right hip).
8. Pivot into a right neutral and deliver a right uppercut punch to the attacker’s stomach as your left hand becomes a cocking check.
9. With the attacker now bending over, immediately slide your left foot counter-clockwise toward 8:00 into a right forward bow as you deliver a left outward hand sword strike to the left side of the attacker’s neck (your right hand acts as a check) have your left hand hook to the left side, as well as on top of the attacker’s neck to aid you in pulling his head down.
10. Without hesitation, and while pivoting into a right neutral bow, have your left hand hook around the back of the attacker’s neck (to force his head down), followed by a right inward hand sword to the back of his neck
11. Have your right hand contour second attacker’s neck and head to become a right downward heel palm to the top of his head. This heel palm occurs as you step forward with your left foot into a transitory left front twist stance.
12. Convert your forward momentum by pivoting counterclockwise as you deliver a right roundhouse kick to the first attacker followed by a left back to the second attacker.
13. From your left kick, execute a left front crossover and double cover out toward 3:00.

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