1st Brown Belt


Front right step through overhead punch

Circles of Protection

1. Left foot steps up toward 11:00 into a left forward bow as you simultaneously deliver a right upward blocking parry hand under and outside of the attacker's right punch with your left hand cocked to your waist.
2. Shift to your right into a left neutral bow, as you deliver a left upward ripping claw to block under the attacker's right arm from the inside in addition to clawing his face in the same motion. Your right (open hand) is cocked high to the right side of your face (the attacker’s head should snap back).
3. Continue circling your right hand clockwise and deliver a right underhand heel and claw strike to attacker's groin as your left hand cocks on top of your right forearm (the attacker should bend forward at the waist).
4. Without any hesitation, deliver a left back knuckle strike to the attacker's face as you shuffle forward.
5. Left front crossover and cover out twice toward 6:00.

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