2nd Brown Belt


Front handshake

Broken Gift

1. With the attacker squeezing your hand, step forward with your left foot toward 12:00 into a left neutral bow (inside of the attacker’s right leg). Simultaneously turn the attacker’s right hand counterclockwise with your right hand, as your left hand grabs the attackers right wrist.  Deliver a left upward elbow strike under the joint of the attacker’s right elbow while your right arm pulls down, thus causing an elbow break (the attacker should rise onto the tips of his toes).
2. Step back with your left foot toward 7:00 into a right neutral bow as your right hand assists your left hand in grabbing and twisting the attacker's right wrist clockwise and back past your left hip.
3. Retain your left grab and deliver a right outward back knuckle strike to the attacker's right temple.
4. Slide your left foot counterclockwise toward 4:30 into a right neutral bow as you deliver a right inward elbow strike to the left side of the attacker‘s jaw. Depending on the circumstance, a right downward diagonal forearm strike might be more appropriate.
5. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4:30.

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