2nd Brown Belt


Front right snap kick

Defensive Cross

1. Raise your hands up in a crossed wrist block (right hand over left with your hands open).  As the attacker kicks, step back with your right foot into a left forward bow stance (facing 12:00).  At the same time, deliver a downward cross block on top of the attacker’s right ankle.
2. Convert your left hand into the shape of a crane as it hooks inside of and under the attackers right foot.  Your right hand remains on top of the attacker’s right foot to act as a check.  Guide the attacker’s leg diagonally down, and past your left hip, redirecting the attacker’s force and pulling the attacker off balance.
3. Convert your right hand into an outward overhead back knuckle strike to the right side of the attacker’s face, followed by a left inward heel palm strike to the attacker’s right mastoid.
4. Immediately switch your left palm strike into a grab to the hair or the back of his neck at this point your right hand is back behind you ready for  the next move.
5. Deliver a right front snap ball kick to the groin as you maintain your grab to his head with your left hand.  As you plant back to the point of origin, deliver a right lifting stiff arm back-knuckle strike to the face of the attacker, to sandwich his head between your left grab and your right strike.
6. Draw your left foot back to a cat stance and deliver a left front snap ball kick to his groin or lower midsection.  With the attacker falling toward the ground re-plant your left foot back down into the same cat stance.
7. Shift your weight onto your left foot and deliver a right outward crescent kick, from inside out, to the right side of his head, let the kick follow through and bounce it back into a right roundhouse kick to the left side of his face (on this kick be sure you lay out straight with your right hip over).
8. Right front crossover and double cover out toward 7:00.

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