2nd Brown Belt


Right and left shoulder grabs (close) by two men

Marriage of the Rams

1. Right foot steps back into a left neutral bow as you deliver two underhand back knuckle strikes to the groin of each attacker.
2. Have back knuckle strikes follow through both targets, continuing their circular path, and guide both of your arms to the underside of the attacker’s arm pits.  Time the movement so that contact to the armpits occurs at the same time that your right foot plants forward into a neutral bow.  In the same movement have your arms hook over and on top of the attacker’s shoulders as you proceed to pinch their arms together with both of yours.  With your right arm over your left, force the heads of both attackers to collide.
3. Immediately deliver a left knee kick between their heads thus forcing them apart.
4. Replant your left foot back into a right neutral bow while applying downward pressure with both of your arms to act as safety checks.
5. Now have your hands track down the attacker’s legs as your hands form the shape of a crane (outwardly) . Grab and jerk both of the attacker’s ankles up and out so that both les are pulled out from under them as your right foot steps back into a neutral bow.
6. While still maintaining both ankle grabs (if possible) deliver a right ball kick to the groin of the attacker on left.
7. Plant your right foot into a right front twist stance and immediately deliver a left roundhouse kick to the groin of the attacker to your right.
8. Release the attacker’s ankles forcing them to the ground, and left front crossover covering out twice toward 6:00. Position yourself so that you end up midway between the attackers.

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