2nd Brown Belt


Front right step through punch

Taming the Mace

1. Left foot up toward 11:00 as your left hand parries inward on the outside of the attacker's right punch from the outside. Simultaneously deliver a right inward chop to the inside of the attacker's right biceps.
2. Have your left hand checks and grab the attacker's right hand at the wrist, as you deliver a right back knuckle to the attacker's right temple (this should drive the attacker’s head back).
3. Have your right hand grab the attacker's right shoulder.  Anchor your elbows, pulling the attacker down as you simultaneously bring him forward, hugging him close to your body. With both of your hands grasping the attacker (keeping your arms in close to you, and your elbows bent), step back with your left foot toward 4:30 into a right neutral bow (facing 10:30), and immediately pivot counterclockwise.  During this action bend your knees, and while gradually descending, slam the attacker against the wall.
4. As the attacker slams against the wall, deliver a right knee kick to the attacker’s groin and simultaneously deliver a right inward horizontal elbow strike to the attacker’s throat (the attacker should fall to the ground).
5. Replant your right foot back toward 12:00.  Left front crossover and cover out twice toward 10:30.

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