3rd Brown Belt


Front left step through punch

Circling Destruction

1. Right foot steps up toward 1:00 in a right neutral bow, as you deliver a right inward parry/left outward parry combination to the outside of the attacker’s left arm. Continue the counter clockwise circling motion of your right hand converting it into a right outward back knuckle strike to the attacker’s left lower ribcage as you settle into your stance.
2. Shift your left foot toward 4:30 into a right forward bow (facing 10:30) as you deliver a left inward horizontal heel palm strike to the attacker’s face. Counter balance this action by having your right hand sword cock at your right ear. The attacker’s head should snap back.
3. While pivoting into a right neutral bow (facing 10:30) have your left hand claw across the attacker’s face. As you settle into a right neutral bow deliver a right inward hand sword to the left side of the attacker’s neck. The interim use of the claw should obscure the attacker’s vision as well as turn his head toward you. Your right hand sword should stun the attacker.
4. Deliver a right front scoop kick to the attacker’s groin (from behind). Simultaneous with this motion thrust a left outward heel palm strike to the attacker’s left kidney with a right two-finger eye hook to this right eye. The heel palm strike will make contact 1/4 of a beat after the kick makes contact. This dual action should momentarily immobilize the attacker.
5. Plant your right foot back of you (toward 4:30) into a left neutral bow (facing 10:30). Left front crossover and cover out twice toward 4:30.

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