Green Belt


Front right step through roundhouse club

Defying the Storm

1. Right foot back toward 11:00 into a right neutral bow as your right knee buckles the inside of the attacker’s right knee. Simultaneously strike the attacker’s right wrist with a left extended outward hand sword and a right inward hand sword to the attacker’s right upper forearm.
2. Instantly have your left hand grab the attacker’s right wrist and simultaneously deliver a right outward chop to the right side of the attacker’s neck. Without delay, grab the back side of the attacker’s right armpit or shoulder and step back with your right foot toward 4:30 into a left neutral bow. With this action, push his right wrist out and away from you, while pulling and rolling his right elbow down and toward you to snap the attacker’s right elbow joint.
3. Follow up with a right knee strike to the attacker’s sternum.
4. As you plant your right foot toward 11:00 into a right neutral bow, deliver a right inward overhead elbow strike to the attacker’s upper spine. Have your left hand maintain control of the attacker’s right wrist.
5. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 7:30.

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