Green Belt


Front right thrusting knife edge kick

Hugging Pendulum

1. From a right neutral bow, push-drag back toward 7:30 as you deliver a right hammering downward diagonal block on the outside of the attacker’s right kicking leg.
2. Execute a left front crossover, cross your right hand (palm up) to your left hip and check with your left hand. Immediately deliver a right knife-edge kick to the inside of the attacker’s left knee (this should buckle the attacker’s left knee to the ground).
3. As you plant forward, followed up with a right outward horizontal back knuckle strike to the attacker’s right mastoid or temple. Arc your strike to the right and return with a right inward horizontal hooking heel palm claw to the left side of the attacker’s face.
4. Right front crossover and cover out toward 7:30.

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