Green Belt


Front right front step through straight punch


1. Left foot up toward 11:00 into a left neutral bow as you deliver a left inward block (right hand hangs naturally at the right side of your body).
2. Pivot forward again into left close kneel as you deliver a right ridge hand to the left side of the attacker’s neck.
3. Immediately step around and back of the attacker’s right leg with your right leg into a modified horse stance, grab your right wrist with your left hand and pull toward you, applying pressure against his neck.
4. Pivot toward 10:30 into a left forward bow as you buckle the attacker’s right leg with your right leg. Immediately shift your left foot back toward 4:30 while forcing the attacker to the ground, and follow up with a right vertical punch to the attacker’s face simultaneously with a right knee drop.
5. Shift your right foot toward 12:00 and deliver a left front crossover, and cover out toward 10:30.

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