Purple Belt


Front right step through overhead club

Evading the Storm

1. Left foot moves back toward 9:30 in a left neutral bow as you deliver a right extended outward block to the outside of the attacker’s right arm.  Have your left hand check close to your left rib cage.
2. Immediately grab the attacker’s right wrist with your right hand and deliver a right roundhouse kick to the attacker’s groin.
3. Drop into a forward bow toward 4:30 as you thrust a left (clenched) horizontal punch to the attacker’s right kidney while having your right hand pull the attacker’s right arm down and past your right hip.
4. Deliver a left knee strike to the outside of the attacker’s right thigh.
5. Plant your left foot forward while delivering  a right roundhouse knee strike to the inside of your attacker’s right thigh.
6. Right front crossover and cover out toward 9:00.

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