Purple Belt


Rear bear hug, arms free

Spiraling Twig

1. As your right foot steps to 3:00 into a horse stance, do double middle knuckle strikes to the back of attacker's hands and pin attacker's arms with your elbows.
2. Grab attacker's right hand with both of your hands (your thumbs are on the back of their hand-fingers on their palm), and extend their arm straight out (still tucked under your right arm) with your right arm applying pressure to attacker's elbow. Immediately step to 1:30 with your left foot and turn clockwise (180 degrees) as you step back with your right foot into a left neutral bow facing 7:30. Attacker is now bent over with you at his side.
3. Continue holding attacker's hand with your right hand, as you do a right rear ball kick to attacker's face and a left downward heel palm to attacker's right elbow (right hand maintains pressure on the back of attacker's hand).
4. As your right foot lands from the kick (in tight on attacker's right knee to pin/break it), your left hand checks attacker's right arm, sliding is along your right hip. As this happens, release your right hand and do a right upward back knuckle to attacker's face.

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