Purple Belt


Rear bear hug, arms pinned

Squeezing the Peach

1. Left foot back toward 4:30 into a right neutral bow as you squeeze the attacker’s testicles with your left hand.  Your right hand applies a pinning check on top of the attacker’s arms.
2. Immediately step forward with your left foot toward 12:00 into a left neutral bow, as you strike with a right back heel scoop kick to the attacker’s groin.
3. With your right leg still in the air from the scoop kick, buckle the attacker’s left inner knee by stomping into a right reverse bow toward 7:30.  Simultaneous with this action, deliver a right obscure back elbow strike to the chin of the attacker as your left hand checks low.
4. Right front crossover and cover out toward 1:30.

American Karate Studios